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How the heck did this happen?

Back in 2012, I was just another karaoke singer in the sea of singers in Albuquerque. I only frequented Sneakerz, The Brio Lounge, and The Barley Room. The Barley Room asked me to create and manage a karaoke competition for them. My compensation was dinner and a beer each night. The competition was the biggest one ever seen at that time. I started the 5-page Call Me Ozz website at that time to let the public know who was competing and who was winning. You can still view that page here:

After the competition I was going to shut the website down but was getting calls and text messages constantly wondering where people could find a place to sing. So, I then opened the Find a Place to Sing Page. At that time, it had a bunch of pictures of singers as well, later that part became The Singers Wall of Fame, which is now 3 pages long. Then came the KJ Showcase, Members Corner, Venue Profiles, and Rest in Peace.

Additionally, I went to every venue in town at that time, over a 12-day period to confirm these venues did karaoke and when, and wrote comments about them, you can view that page right here:

Shortly thereafter I would get a lot of calls and text messages asking where I would be tonight singing….so I opened up Where Is Ozz Tonight: and Ozz’s Song Set Page:

Since that time, Call Me Ozz has done hundreds of Event Promotions, Sing n Wins, Fundraisers, Call Me Ozz Live Shows, Birthday Bashes, Twinkle Light Parade, Balloon Fiestas and of course the biggest karaoke competition in the state and the third largest in the United States, the New Mexico State Fair Karaoke Showcase for 5 years now, as well as expanding into 17 other genres of LOCAL entertainment to become known as your LOCAL entertainment hub, promoting only LOCAL Venues, Businesses and Entertainers.

What started as a hobby, has now become a passion for myself, my staff, and the community. We have reached a point where we need to “Go Big or Go Home”. We are about to become a fan based owned company as we prepare to leap into another level of advertising and promotion, this one, to “be the one”. Stay tuned and watch the evolution take place, and if you would like to know how to become part of this massive leap email me at

Thank you for all your support over the years and look forward too many more! Sing you at The Third Annual Venus Awards, November 6th and 13th and the 7th Call Me Ozz Birthday Bash (and my 21st birthday) on November 15th. Please visit every day, to keep the traffic coming and let your friends and family know about us!
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