Today, when someone is visiting a town, they are always looking for something to do. Most of the time they Google a key word, like karaoke tonight in this town. Google pops up 100’s, 1000’s, of choices. Problem? That out of towner has no idea which one is the best one. And, most of the information is outdated. Call Me Ozz has the reputation in the Albuquerque area to provide the most current, most accurate information, because Call Me Ozz has representatives that personally visit these venues or locations on a regular basis. See what people say about Call Me Ozz right here:

Remember the Yellow Pages days? The newspaper what to do pages? Those became replaced with the internet search engines, Facebook, and other Social Media Outlets, unfortunately those are biased and paid advertisers get the “Top Stories” while the small, good, local businesses get left behind.


Call Me Ozz has and always will be here for the LOCAL community. Here to help the LOCAL venues and LOCAL entertainers compete for their fair share of the market the massive Corporations with deep pockets seem to flood the cities, overshadowing the local businesses, making people forget about them.

Call Me Ozz marketing, promoting and advertising strategies put those local businesses and entertainers on the same platform as those massive corporations. Call Me Ozz has become more and more a local buzzword, that many consumers have heard about, and more and more are using Call Me Ozz when they are looking for something to do. Our latest traffic report supports this by showing that only 6% of our traffic comes from Social Media Platforms, 65% comes from direct traffic, and 23% comes from Search Engines, meaning we are bookmarked in more and more phones and computers.


When you Goggle “Karaoke in Albuquerque” you will find us on page one. In our expansions, our blueprint on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes to become page one for Comedy, Live Music, Live Theater, Bowling, Open Mic, Dining Out, Brew Houses, Fine Arts, Sports, Magic Shows, Billiards, Darts, Foosball, Under 21/Over 18, Family/Under 18, Dance, Seasonal and Food Trucks. This takes people to make this happen, and people cost money. To make that money, we need salespeople to sell the advertising and event promotions, sales salaries to build the clientele, costs money.

Now that we have developed a blueprint for the Albuquerque area, it’s time to develop, Call Me Ozz in the North, which will include, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Espanola, Taos, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Denver. Call Me Ozz in the South to include Las Cruces, El Paso and Juarez. Call Me Ozz in the East, to include Santa Rosa, Amarillo, San Antonio, Dallas and Little Rock. Call Me Ozz in the West for Grants, Gallup, Farmington, Phoenix, and Los Angeles area.

Not only do these expansions require personnel which requires money, but we must also get the word out, which is where advertising comes in, as well as clothing, equipment, travel, incorporation fees, trademarking fees, insurance, novelties, technology development, etc, etc, etc!


We never expected to become a serious business. Afterall, this all began because a local venue asked Ozz to create and manage a bar room karaoke competition for 2 beers and dinner each night. The website was begun to let people know who was winning…and who wasn’t. It was the kept alive because people wanted to know where to find a place to sing. Then they wanted to know where to find Comedy, Live Music and Live Theater. Then the New Mexico State Fair asked Ozz to create and manage karaoke at the Fair. How did we know it would create the biggest karaoke competition in the State, the third largest in the United States? And still growing.


Now it has reached the point that is has to become a big business or go home. Call Me Ozz incorporated as and LLC in 2015 with the original owner Billy Beare holding 70% of the company and 6 other Members holding the other 30% of the company in sweat equity from their dedicated loyalty to Call Me Ozz.

Call Me Ozz is currently comprised of Billy Beare the CEO/CFO-Founder, who’s duties include daily operations of the company and managing the daily year-round and seasonal team. The year-round team is currently one salesperson for the Albuquerque area, and a full-time admin whose duties include maintenance of the website, building ads and creating and promoting events. Over the years and especially the last 8 months, we have developed highly efficient Standard Operating Procedures, that maximize the flow of orders and updates, allowing us to handle hundreds of events and advertising orders, quickly.

Call Me Ozz has developed Karaoke Season in New Mexico®, which is during the qualifying season for the New Mexico State Fair Karaoke Showcase Season, which includes an Executive Assistant that handles all the auditions and nights at the Fair. Also, a Lead Judge that manages all the judges. A Video Team that professionally video records the nights at the Fair, including editing and making videos of the performers available, as well as creating opening videos for the auditions and the Fair. A professional photographer that photographs all the auditions and nights at the Fair. Two Mentors which help the contestants through their journey during the season and a Lead Mentor to manage the Mentors and all the contestants. A recruiter which goes out the venues and signs singers up for the auditions. A sponsor representative that gains sponsorships for the season, and the admin which processes and confirms all the reservations. What we do at the Fair is a Show, that brings thousands of visitors to the website. In 2019, we increased by 32% in contestants over 2018 and became statewide.


Becoming a Silent Member of Call Me Ozz means that you join in on what we believe is the next level of direct local marketing, event promotions, advertising, which brings a unique search experience for that new person in town, newly single person, company visitor, personal visitor, family looking to do something find something to do go to site. We do not want to be Alibi, we have found people just want to know where to go. Not dig through personals, or stories written only for paid advertising. They want the truth, the facts, that’s it.

We expect revenue in 2020 to near $80,000. In 2021, over $154,000. In 2022, close to $260,000. In 2023, over $380,000. In 2024, over $526,000. As a Silent Member, you may invest any amount in $100 increments per unit. After 6 months, you will begin to receive a percentage of the sales, and after 5 years, we project a $179.55 ROI for every $100 deposited.


Get started today! You may choose to attend one of our regular weekly seminars, for all the details, or you may choose to have a one on meeting with Billy “Ozz” Beare. Or, you may request access to the Silent Members Information Website. You will be expected to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for any of the options. There is a limit of 1,116 Silent Members Units available, once they are spoken for, they will be gone. Choose below how you would like to get more information to help Call Me Ozz become national, and help yourself financially and say hey, I own a piece of that!